Moon Phases Calendar for September 2021

Moon Phases September 2021 Calendar

Moon Phases Calendar for September 2021: You must have seen that the shape of the moon changes in the night. Every day it appears in a different shape. We tell you why this happens, in fact, the point is that the Moon revolves around the Earth. And we see the part of the moon on which the sunlight. So every day we see the moon in different sizes.

Lunar Calendar September 2021

You have thought that the moon is so bright? We also have the answer to this, the fact is that when the sunlight falls on the moon, it gets reflected on the earth and hence we see the moon shines. Here we are presenting many September 2021 Calendar Moon Phases for you. In these calendars, you can add all your activities so that you do not have any trouble tracking your important work. You will find all the calendars here in black and white colors.

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Moon Phases Calendar for September 2021

The Moon has four stages, the first quarter, the full moon, the last quarter, and the new moon. When the sun’s rays fall on the entire part of the moon, then we call it the full moon. When the sunlight on the moon falls on the half part, we call it the first quarter or the last quarter. And when the sunlight does not fall on any part of the moon, then we call it a new moon.

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The moon does not appear in the day because the light of the sun falls directly on the earth. And on the part of the earth that does not light the sun, from that part we can see the moon. Therefore, the moon is visible at night because the rays of the sun fall on the moon at night.

lunar phases september 2021 calendar Moon Calendar September 2021

Editable September 2021 Calendar

Moon Phases September 2021 Calendar

September 2021 Lunar Phases Calendar

The Moon Phases Calendar is the best way to find out the dates of the lunar phases. So here we are providing September 2021 Lunar Calendar with the dates of moon phases.

  • New Moon – 07 September 2021
  • First Quarter – 13 September 2021
  • Full Moon – 20 September 2021
  • Last Quarter – 29 September 2021

September 2021 Moon Phases Calendar September 2021 Moon Calendar printable september 2021 moon calendar

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